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Smoking Marijuana
Everything you consume,

the baby does as well. Besides the natural chemicals in pot, your pot may have been grown with chemicals (assuming it's not home grown organic). I'd also wonder if it would impair your ability to look after the baby. Just me, but I thought twice about anything I consumed, even a diet coke seemed to make my baby more edgy and hyper and esp. if it would make me kind of out of it. I'd try at the very least to restrict it, maybe to nighttime or something when there are less feeding times, but you should be aware that if you are doing this, you should not cosleep. Babies are very fragile and susceptible to so many things plus once they start rolling and putting things in their mouths, you have to be hyper vigilant.
It's a good thing he changed his mind about cannabis, but it's a pity he didn't realize it sooner. This is a funny situation, he used to put people who took drugs in prison, and now he began to take them himself. It annoys me when people say that drugs are evil and those who take them are drug addicts. I've always wondered if these people have any idea how many lives cannabis has saved. I have experienced firsthand the differences between cannabis and regular pain pills. When I was suffering from joint pain, I took painkillers for a month, which almost didn't help to cope with the pain. Then I ordered cannabis on and after a week of using it, the pain began to subside.
In recent years, inclusion in natural blooms has increased dramatically. Despite manufactured medicines and treatments, more and more people are turning to natural alternatives. Research in the field of exchange medicine has increased. Even if it is far from an exact science, it has led to a deeper perception of the relief of a particular world of nature and herbs. Kratom is one of them. Kratom's many benefits make it one of the best immune boosters. Research that Kratom leaves play a role in that collective alkaloid help for body and brain users has an overall health-enhancing effect.
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